HTTPS POST endpoints for your tests, demos, side projects

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Sample use cases

Easily check the content of your payloads

Many applications send events via webhooks, which are simple HTTP POST request. provides you a dedicated https endpoint, you just need to configure your application so it uses that endpoint, you can then check the payloads received

Example: Harbor registry can send webhooks for many types of events. allows you to quickly visualize the JSON payload sent for each event

Send data with an HTTP POST is also a simple backend which allows you to send json payload. You can quickly get the history of your data from the swagger UI or with a good old cURL.

Visualize data

If the data sent to your webhook contains a numeric field, you can visualize its evolution on a simple linear graphics. It's also possible to visualize text in cloud word.

Terms of usage

This application is to be used for tests and demos only.

Data are only stored for a couple of days, it's not a production environment in any way (yet...)

Do not send sensitive data to those webhooks